Painting The Eclipse

Recently I have started to work with a group of Artists, who moved to Raleigh, NC from New York. They wanted to make a platform for Art so that people can see their work and the work of others.

Basically, they paint and I film them.

We have spent the first few months setting the studio up and running a kickstarter campaign, which whilst fun was incredibly time consuming. However it was incredibly successful and we finally now had the chance to put everything to work and make a film of them painting. The circumstances of this event were quite special though. We weren’t just going to film anything, we were going to film the eclipse.

Busy schedules meant that the trip was pretty much planned in the final 3 days leading up to the eclipse. We started out on the morning of the 21st of August 2017 at 4.30am and headed for the smokey mountains. Once we arrived in Franklin, NC it was pot luck as to where we were going to set up. But luck was definitely on our side. We found a small back road that led to a farm, where there was no one to be seen, just trees and mountains. We all jumped out of the car and immdiately started to paint and film. At the same time we were keeping an eye on the sun, which was slowly but surely starting to be eclipsed by the moon.

With only 15 minutes to go until total eclipse, and the sky turning an eerie blue colour. Josh (one of the artists) noticed that the sun was soon also going to be covered by a huge cloud. After a couple of minutes of deliberation, we decided to pack up the cameras leave the eisels, drive out of the cloud and chase the eclipse. I was by this time panicking about my timelapse, worrying I was going to miss this opportunity. Eventually we pulled over on a slip road off a highway. I ran out and set my camera up immediately.

The experience of all of the breathtaking views of mountains and fields, and the excitement of chasing an eclipse was nothing in comparison to watching it happen. I was speachless when it happened, no words can describe what it looks like, but I hope that my film can. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.


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