Gary Bradley – Artist.

After filming the video for Jason, I was contacted by Gary Bradley. Gary at the time ran the gallery that Jason’s work was being exhibited in. Unfortunately the Gallery has since closed, but Gary’s aim with this video was to get his life philosophy and art across.

The video was shot in his studio, which doubles up as his garage. You will notice that he also plays Banjo in this video. I had to put this footage in as it was too nice not to use, but also Gary has only been playing for a few years. It was the fact that he used his life philosophy to help him pick up a banjo and learn it, that made it impossible not to include it.

See Gary’s video here



One thought on “Gary Bradley – Artist.

  1. Joe has a unique gift and I highly recommend him as a film/story maker. Plus he is lots of fun. Imm opening a new studio in downtown Raligh in a few weeks along with three artt from NYC> We plan on inviting Joe to tell our story. Watch for East Gate Studios in April.


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